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Love Watchet! A charming little coastal town with an active Marina, excellent holiday accommodation, an Old Port, quaint houses and shops. An ideal place to stay for a few days or even longer, with many walks in beautiful countryside, along the interesting coastline or just sit on the Esplanade with a cider or an ice cream - both locally made of course. Watchet accommodation is also amongst the best in Somerset! Ideal for a day out with the children or a week's rest.

Places to visit include The Mineral Line, three museums, the Watchet War Memorial, the steam railway, the Hellwell Bay fossil beach and paddling pool, St. Decumens Church and Holy Well, the marina and the memorial sports ground, which includes public tennis courts, children's play area and an outdoor gym.

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A Short History

Watchet was first recorded during the dark ages, when St Decuman arrived from South Wales and acted as a physician, arbitrator and pastor to the local community. He arrived on a raft with a cow as a companion!

In the Iron ages, Daws Fort was built above Watchet to protect the port and area. Watchet's then natural harbour, made it an early trading centre and in the 10th century coins were minted here for Ethelred II and five more Saxon Kings.

Watchet is unique in that it still retains the Court Leet system of medieval administration, albeit only in name. Posts include Portreeve and the coveted position of Ale Taster. The Star Inn, has won Somerset CAMRA awards for real ale. It's unclear if the Ale Taster had a hand in this!

Watchet allegedly gets its name from WACET, the blue dye found in the cliffs, but in all probability it comes from history - in 918 it was referred to as Waeced - literally "below or under the wood!" Watchet was an active port for most of recent history, with a host of commodities being traded up and down the coast, to Ireland and Wales, while the Mineral Line brought iron ore down for shipment to Wales.

Comments from visitors who have already been to stay include:- "Friendly people who have time to talk", "Shopkeepers who let you browse", Good food in pubs and cafes", "Found things to buy I haven't seen for years", "Can really relax here".

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Watchet also has the second highest rise and fall of tide in the world, so be prepared if you wish to see the fossils or walk the beaches. Tide times for Watchet can be found Here.

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Watchet Town Centre
Swain Street, Watchet

Watchet Marina
Watchet Marina from Esplanade

Watchet Station
A Train in Watchet Station

Yankee Jack Statue
Statue of Yankee Jack

Yankee Jack having fun
Yankee Jack - In Love!