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The Star Inn - Past and Present


Watchet's Heritage - The Star Inn

Watchet's Historical Buildings
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Watchet's Historical Buildings
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This pub, in one form or another, has been in existence from at least the 18th century and is built on the site of the original Medieval harbour, on what was probably originally marshland. Referred to as the 'Basin', the tide reaches up the river as far as the thatched Waterloo cottages and small coastal trading ships would have visited regularly.

There must have been buildings of one sort or another here for hundreds of years and it may be that the Star would have been adapted from a number of cottages or other buildings many years ago. There is often an open fire in the winter and its low beams and intimate atmosphere make it a very cosy place for a drink or meal.

Originally, it was called the Royal Oak and conjecture suggests that it may have changed its name, being called after the last ship to be built in Watchet, 'The Star of the West'.

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