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The Market Square - Past and Present


Watchet's Heritage - The Old Market Square

Watchet's Historical Buildings
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Watchet's Historical Buildings
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Hidden behind Chives Cafe, this is the site of the George Inn, which had been in existence since at least 1608. It did close in 1841, almost certainly because extensive work had to be executed for the Esplanade which we are so familiar with today and completed in 1843.

The building was then adapted and appears to have consisted of four buildings around what has become known as the Market Square. When restoration took place, an old dairy was discovered with a distinctive tiled floor which would have been common in Victorian Watchet. The frontage was added in the early 1800s - the original building frontage being the middle wall in the cafe. The left-hand side of the shop was the entrance to the market square.

For a good number of years in the 20th century, it was owned by the Hibbert family and the final owner, respectfully known as Miss Hibbert, sold bicycle parts and confectionary - an unusual combination. Miss Hibbert's father, it is claimed, introduced the first motor vehicles to the town!

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