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The Lynda Cotton Gallery - Past and Present


Watchet's Heritage - Lynda Cotton Gallery

Watchet's Historical Buildings
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Watchet's Historical Buildings
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This shopfront has remained almost unaltered since it was built in c. 1905 and has some wonderful features.

Particularly interesting are the individual spandrels and Corinthian column inspired supporting the pillars. Worth noticing is the original amber glass and brass door handle - a typical feature of a slightly earlier period and inspired by the Aesthetic movement.

There can be very few shop fronts of this type surviving in the country and it is a gem of its type. A number of others from a similar period also survive in Watchet, protected under a Grade II listing.

Originally built by Walter Foy, a watchmaker, it remained as such being superseded by Mr Rossiter who continued the trade until the 1970s. It then became the Lynda Cotton Gallery. The interior, which is surprisingly extensive, retains the original servants' bells, a number of stained glass windows and a good number of other fascinating features.

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