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The Anchor Inn - Past and Present


Watchet's Heritage - The Anchor Inn

Watchet's Historical Buildings
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Watchet's Historical Buildings
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This imposing building was once the Anchor Inn and when its doors opened a little over two hundred years ago in 1806, it would have been around the time that the 'packhorse bridge' was built a little further down what is now known as Anchor Street, but at that time it seems to have held the title Bridge Street, and probably prior to that, the not-very-appealing Back Street.

It is now the home of the Watchet Radio Museum taking its origins and inspiration from the former BBC Transmitting Station at Washford Cross (now the popular Tropiquaria.). If radio is your thing, then this will be a delight. One of the most important collections of its kind anywhere, it houses a comprehensive assortment of radio and broadcasting ephemera, including televisions, radios, record players, broadcasting equipment, microphones and even part of a 1930s BBC radio transmitter from Moorside Edge!

In addition, the Radio Museum has a unique archive of associated literature and photographs available for research. The collection, of some considerable significance, has taken its curator, Neil Wilson, over 40 years to accumulate. It highlights the fascinating progression of radio and broadcasting from its early days.

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