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East Quay venue is home to 5 bespoke, unique accommodation pods, self contained with a bathroom & kitchen area. Each pod has its own story & design for the adventurous traveller.

Pod 1 - Living museum sleeps 2 & has stunning views to the harbour and marina from its large living room window and private balcony area. This pod has been designed as a "living museum" and contains shelves with numerous objects donated by local people, such as fossils, books, ornaments & keepsakes, each with a label and a story attached describing the objects significance to them and Watchet. Guests may take any object with a label, in return leaving an object from their stay with a story on a label, describing why it is important to them.

Pod 2 - Stories & imagination is larger & sleeps 4. Each wall is etched with drawings descibing the stories of Watchet’s past present & future from the steam railway to the legend of the Gurt Wurm, our notorious local dragon. An accessible pod on the lower floor, for visitors with mobility impairment, with fully accessible bathroom, kitchen & eating area

Pod 3 - Romantic industrial sleeps 2 & is a spotlight on Watchet’s industrial past, with a steam-punk vibe. It has a bathtub on its mezzanine floor in front of a wall sized window looking out to sea, so guests can soak with unparalleled views out to sea.

Pod 4 - Playful architecture, sleeps 2. Has a cargo net stretching across from the mezzaine floor, the ply walls are covered with a semaphore code, which guests are invited to crack & a rainbow bathroom. The pod shares a terrace with Pod 5, from which you can watch the sunset over the Bristol Channel.

Pod 5 - Immersive art sleeps 2. Every year a resident artist uses the interior of Pod 5 as their canvas. This year artist Ikra Ashad created a striking and relaxing pod, which blends pastel colours with geometric patterns.

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Address:-    Watchet, TA23 0AQ

Contact:-     Reception

Telephone:- 01984 363103